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The Art of Poland


  You have arrived at the original online picture slideshow showcasing just some of the many wonders of Polish art. Here you will find a varied selection of Polish paintings from some of the very best Polish artists. The majority of paintings date from the late 19th century and early 20th century. Click on the arrows below to see the next painting or detail of a painting in our gallery. This page has been online since 2004 and there are more than sixty digital scans in this online art gallery. Although this gallery is now 'full', do please come back soon for another look at the art of Poland on some of the more than 1000 webpages we have on the Poland Poland website!  


Some of the art we have online includes work by the following Polish artists: Teodor Axentowicz; Olga Boznańska; Josef Brandt; Jozef Chelmonski; Apoloniusz Kedzierski; Wojciech Kossak; Tadeusz Makowski; Jan Matejko; Jacek Malczewski; Józef Mehoffer; Wladyslaw Podkowinski; Witold Pruszkowski; Henryk Rodakowski; Henryk Siemiradzki; Wladyslaw Slewinski; Włodzimierz Tetmajer; Wincenty Wodzinowski; Witold Wojtkiewicz; Stanislaw Wyspianski.


art of poland
Detail from an 1867 painting by Wacław Szymanowski. Just one of many in our 'art of Poland' gallery

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