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Barlinek Berlinchen

A scan of an old picture postcard of Berlinchen / Barlinek, c.1899

barlinek polska

Five views of Barlinek on a communist period postcard posted in 1981 to Szczecin.


The town square in Barlinek, Poland. As the sign on the left indicates, Barlinek is 480 kms west of Warsaw. Prior to the Second World War, Barlinek was a popular holiday destination for Berliners seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of Berlin. Increasingly tourists from all over Germany and the west of Europe are visiting Berlinek to take advantage of the clean air, unspoilt forests and countryside, and to make use of the lakes in and around Barlinek. 

Polish name: Barlinek

German Name: Berlinchen (Neumark)

Province: Zachodniopomorskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bierzwnik; Bogdaniec; Brzezina; Buszów; Choszczno; Dankow; Debno; Dolice; Gorki Noteckie; Karsko; Klodawa; Kostrzyn; Laskowo; Lipiany; Lubiatowo; Lubiszyn; Moryn; Mysliborz; Nowogrodek; Okunie; Pelczyce; Plonsko; Plotno; Pyrzyce; Przelewice; Rybakowo; Suchan; Strzelce; Witnica.

Local Attractions: Barlinecko - Gorzowski National Park; Drawa National Park; forests; numerous lakes; Prehistoric archaeological sites; Slonsk Bird Reserve; the River Pelcz; nordic walking, cycle paths.

Closest Airports: Berlin; Poznan; Zielona Gora-Babimost

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