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A couple of German-era houses in the isolated and almost forgotten village of Basewice, north-west of Lêbork, Pomorskie, Poland. Up until the 1990s most people in the village worked on the state-run farm, which is now closed down and derelict. The closure of the farm, unfortunately, left little or no prospect of work for many inhabitants of the village. The village of Bonsroitz / Bonswitz (then close to the German/Polish border) was home to a small prisoner-of-war farm-based work camp during the Second World War, which held a number of American POWs.

Polish Name: Bısewice

German Name: Bonsroitz / Bonswitz

Province : Pomorskie

Nearest City: Slupsk

Nearby Villages and Towns: Leba; Lebork; Lebien; Tawecino

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