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Camping and Campsites in Poland

a tethered dairy cow on a campsite in Lubuskie in the west of Poland

An early morning visitor is possible if you choose to camp on a farm!

Camping in Poland is an interesting alternative for those on a budget or looking for something different. However, potential visitors should be aware that the amenities offered by most campsites in Poland don't generally compare to campsites in countries like Holland, Sweden and England. Some campsites are members of the Polish Camping and Caravanning Federation which grades the campsites by Polish camping ground standards into three grades according to the facilities offered to campers. In Poland camping tends to be for teenagers looking for an escape from their parents and not something done by families. Because of this the atmosphere on many campsites might not be quite what you are looking for! Of course, there are exceptions.

There are a large number of largely unsupervised campsites located in forests and next to lakes. On the whole this form of camping is for the braver camper because showers and toilets are not provided! In recent years, farmers are increasingly open to campers. But visitors interested in camping on a farm should ask permission and agree a charge before erecting your tent. Camping outside of agreed camping areas is officially not allowed.

There are a small number of quiet, high quality campsites mostly catering for the more mature camper and caravanner from Western Europe. One of the best of these family run campsites is mini camping in Lubuskie, western Poland.

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