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typical communist era apartment blocks in the centre of Choszczno

Typical communist era social housing in the centre of Choszczno. In the foreground is a 'kiosk' - a Polish corner shop, which sells everything from cigarettes and vodka to toilet rolls and tea. Despite the devastation caused by the fighting at the end of the Second World War, Choszczno still has lots to offer the visitor. Attractions include: medieval city wall and gates, Gothic cathedral, numerous historic buildings and a wonderful lake.

Polish name: Choszczno

German name: Arnswalde

Province: Zachodniopomorskie - Western Pomerania (Pommern)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow; Szczecin

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Brzezina; Dobiegniew; Dolice; Drezdenko; Drawno; Drawsko Pomorskie; Glezno; Kalisz Pomorski; Lipiany; Lubiatowo; Mysliborz; Niemiensko; Pelczyce; Plonsko; Przelewice; Pyrzyce; Recz; Sadow; Strzelce; Suchan; Stargard Szczecinski; Swidwin; Zatom; Zukow.

Local Attractions: Drawa National Park

Closest Airports: Berlin; Poznan; Zielona Gora-Babimost

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