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Christmas Carp


The centrepiece of the traditional Christmas Eve feast in Poland is Carp. If you walk around the streets of almost any village, town or city in Poland you will come across street corner sellers with live carp for sale. Customers pick out their favourite fish, and the vendor bags the fish live and the fish taken home. These Christmas carp are kept alive in large buckets or the bathtub until Christmas Eve, when it killed and cooked! In some parts of Poland and the Czech Republic it is a custom to carry a large scale from the head of a carp eaten on Christmas Eve as a token of luck. This particular photograph of street carp sellers was taken in Skwierzyna, Lubuskie, Poland.

Traditional Fried Carp recipe

Fried Christmas Carp

300g carp

10g salt

1g white pepper

20g butter

5g garlic

100g vegetable oil


- Debone, remove skin and clean the carp thoroughly.

- Salt and pepper the fillets, then brush with melted butter and mashed garlic.

- Fry slowly in hot olive oil until done.

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