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chycina miedzyrzecz

A photograph of the main street through Chycina (Weissensee), c.1939.

Bar, Chycina, near Miedzyrzecz, Lubusz, Polen

A seasonal roadside bar in Chycina, Poland. The location is home to a recreation and sports centre for a local Physical Education Teaching College and the bar caters mostly to the large number of sports students who holiday there during the summer. Accommodation in Chycina is available at very reasonable rates (from just $ 5 per night!). Chycina is a tiny village 12 kms from the nearest town of Miedzyrecz, Lubuskie, Poland. The e11 European cycle path runs through Chycina. 

chycina lubuskie

The road through Chycina in the province of Lubuskie, western Poland.  


Polish Name: Chycina

German Name: Weissensee / Weißensee (Brandenburg)

Province : Lubuskie / Lebus / Lubusz

Nearest City: Gorzów Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew, Dabrowka Wielkopolska, Glebokie, Glisno, Gorunsko, Gorzyca, Kalsko, Kęszyca, Keszyca Lesna, Lagow, Lubniewice, Miedzyrzecz, Nietoperek, Nowa Wies, Osiecko, Popowo, Rokitno, Rogi, Skwierzyna, Strozyny, Sokola Dabrowa, Templewo, Trzebiszewo, Wojciechowo, Zemsko

Local Attractions: canoeing, kayaking, fishing, forests, lakes, Miedzyrzecz fortifications and Nietoperek bat reserve


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Hans - 30.6.2007

The water in Chycina lake was green and the area had too many biting mosquitoes on my visit. No safe car parking and too much noise from drunk muscle men in sportswear! Better lakes with restaurants and facilities can be found in nearby Lubniewice or Lagow. If you're looking for a quiet lake in this part of Poland try Lake Koninskie at Trzciel.


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