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Common Polish First Names

A list of common first (Christian) names in Poland.

This list of Polish first names with English versions might be of use to visitors thinking of giving a Polish name to their baby or anyone with an interest in names in use in Poland. As this page is aimed at English speakers looking up or thinking of using a name of Polish origin in English-speaking countries Polish letters (diacritics) have not been used in this list of common Polish given names. In Poland: Czeslaw would always be spelt Czesław; Michal spelt Michał, Rafal spelt Rafał, and so on. Possible English equivalents have been added in brackets, i.e. Szymon (Simon). Some Polish names will have no exact English equivalent. In Poland all female first names must end with an 'a'. Finally, this list tends to provoke more reaction than many of our pages due to various reasons - names being missed; names included that some do not like or know of; and the lack of Polish letters. This page is intended only as an initial introduction not any sort of definitive guide to given names in Poland. But, do, please, keep the comments coming. We do not have time to reply personally to all messages but do and will make sensible additions and amendments to this list as time allows.

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-A -

Adalbert (Albert)
Adam (Adam)
Agata (Agatha)
Agnieszka (Agnes)
Albert (Albert)

Albin (Albin)

Aleksander (Alexander)
Aleksandra (Ola)

Aleksy (Alexander, Alex)

Alicja (Alice)
Alfons (Alphonsus)
Alfons (Alphonsus)
Alojzy (Aloysius)

Alfred (Alfred)

Ambrozy (Ambrose)
Anastazia, Anastazja (Anastasia)
Andrzej (Andrew)
Aniela (Angela)
Anna (Anna)
Antoni, Antonin (Anthony, Antonius)
Antonia, Antonina (Antoinette, Antonina)
Apolonia (Pauline)

Arnold (Arnold)

August, Augustyn (Augustine)

- B -

Baltazar (Balthasar)
Barbara (Barbara)
Barnabas (Barnabas)
Bartlomiej (Bartholomew)
Bazyli (Basil)
Bede (Bede)
Benedykt (Benedict)
Bernard (Bernard)
Bernardyn (Bernadine, male)
Bibiana (Viviana)
Blazej (Blaise)
Bogumil (Theophilus)
Boleslaw (William)
Boleslawa (Wilhelmina, Mina)
Bonifacy (Boniface)
Borys (Boris)
Bronislaw (Bruno)
Bronislawa (Bernice, Bertha)
Brunon (Bruno)
Brygida (Bridget, Birgitta)

- C -

Cecylia (Cecelia)
Cyprian (Cyprian)
Cyryl (Cyril)
Czeslaw (Ceslaus, Chester)

- D -

Dawid (David)
Doloreta (Dolores)
Domicylla, Domitilla (Domitilla)
Dominik (Dominic)
Dorota (Dorothy)

- E -

Edmund (Edmund)
Edward (Edward)
Elwira (Elvira)
Elzbieta (Elizabeth)
Emilia, Emiliana (Emiliana, Emily)
Ewa (Eve)

- F -

Fabian (Fabian)
Feliks (Felix)
Filip (Philip, Phillip)
Florentyna (Flora, Florence)
Florjan (Florian)
Franciszek (Francis, Frank)
Franciszek Ksawery (Francis Xavier)
Franciszka (Frances)
Fryderyk (Frederick)

- G -

Gabriel (Gabriel)
Genowefa (Genevieve)
Giertruda (Gertrude)
Grzegorz (Gregory)
Gustaw (Gustav)
Gwidon (Guy)

- H -

Halina, Helena (Helen, Helena)
Hanna (Hania, Hanna)
Henryk (Henry)
Henryka (Henrietta, Hattie)
Hiacynt, Jacek (Hyacinth, male)
Hiacynta, Jacinta (Hyacintha, female)
Hieronym (Jerome, Henry)
Hipolit (Hippolytus)
Honorata (Honorata)
Honoratus (Honoratus)

- I -

Ignacy (Ignace, Ignatius)
Irena, Irina (Irene)
Isabela (Isabelle)

Ivona (Ivonne)

Izydor (Isidore)

- J -

Jacinta - see Hiacynta
Jadwiga (Hedwig, Hattie)
Jakub (Jacob, James)
Jan (John)
Januariusz (January, John)
Jerzy (George)
Joachim, Joakim (Joachim)
Joanna (Joanne, Jane, Jean, Joan, Jennie)
Jolanta, Jolenta (Yolanda)
Jozef (Joseph)
Jozefa, Jozefina (Josephine)
Jozefat (Josaphat)
Julia (Julia, Julie)
Julian (Julian)
Juliana (Julianna, Julie)
Justin, Justyn (Justin)
Justina, Justyna (Justina)

- K -

Kamil (Camile, male)
Kamila (Camila, Camille, female)
Karol (Karl, Charles)
Karolina (Carolina, Charlotte)
Kasper (Caspar)
Katarzyna (Catherine)
Kazimierz, Kazmierz (Casimir)
Klemens, Klement (Clemence, Clement)
Klementyna (Clementine)
Konrad (Conrad)
Konstanty (Constant, Constantine)
Konstantyna (Constance)

Krystian (Christian)

Krystyna (Christine)
Krzysztof (Christopher)

- L -

Leokadia (Leocadia, Laura)
Leon (Leo)
Leonard (Leonard, Leon)
Lidia (Lydia)
Lorenz (Lawrence)
Lucja (Lucy)
Lucjan (Lucian)
Ludmila (Ludmila)
Ludwik (Louis)
Ludwika (Louise)
Lukasz (Lucas, Luke)

- M -

Maciej (Matthew)
Magdalena (Magdalene, Madeline)
Maksymilian (Maximilian)
Malgorzata, Margarita (Margaret)
Marcelian (Marcellianus)
Marcianna, Martyna (Marcyanna, Martina)
Marcin (Martin)
Marek (Mark)
Maria, Marja, Marya (Maria, Marie, Mary)
Mariusz (Marius)
Marta (Martha)
Mateusz (Mathias)
Metody (Methodius)
Michal, Mieczyslaw (Michael)
Michalina (Michalina)
Mikolaj (Nicholas)
Monika (Monica, Mona)

- N -

Nikodem (Nicodemus)
Norbert (Norbert)

- O -

Olenka - see Olga
Olga (Alexandra, Sandra, Olga)
Otto (Otto)

- P -

Patryk (Patrick)
Paulina (Pauline)
Pawel (Paul)
Pelagia (Pelagia, Paula, Pauline)
Petronela (Petronilla)
Piotr (Peter)

- R -

Rafal (Rafael, Raphael)
Regina (Regina)
Roch (Roch, Rock)
Roman (Roman)
Romualda (Romualda, Roma) 
Roza (Rose)
Rozalia (Rosalie, Rose)
Ryszard (Richard)

- S -

Sabina (Sabina)
Salomeja (Salome, Sarah)
Sebastian (Sebastian)
Seweryn (Severin)
Symeon (Simeon)
Sofia, Zofia (Sophie)
Stanislaw (Stanislaus, Stanley)
Stanislawa (Stanislava, Stella)
Stefan, Szczepan (Stephen, Steven)
Stefania (Stephanie)
Sylwester (Sylvester)
Szczepan (Stephen, Steven)
Szymon (Simon)

- T -

Tadeusz (Thaddeus, Ted)
Tekla (Thecla, Tillie)
Teodor (Theodore, Ted)
Teodora (Theodora, Dora, Dorie)
Teodozjusz (Theodosius)
Teofil (Theophilus)
Teofila (Theophila)
Teresa, Tereza, Czeslawa (Theresa)
Tymoteusz (Timothy)
Tomasz (Thomas)

- U -

Urban (Urban)
Urszula (Ursula)

- W -

Waclaw (Wenceslaus, Walter)
Waclawa (Violet)
Walburga (Walburga)
Walenty (Valentine)
Walentyna (Valentina) 
Walerian, Walery (Valerian, Valery)
Wanda (Wanda)
Wawrzyniec (Lawrence) - see Lorenz
Weronika (Veronica)
Wicenty, Wincenty (Vincent)
Wiktor (Victor)
Wilhelm (William, Bill)
Wilhelmina (Wilhelmina, Mina)
Wita, Witus (Vitus)
Wladimir (Vladimir)
Wladyslaw (Walter)
Wojciech (Adalbert, Albert, George)

- Z -

Zachariasz (Zachary) 
Zenon (Zenon)
Zofia, Sofia (Sophie)
Zuzanna (Susanna, Susan)
Zygmunt (Sigismund, Sigmund)
Zyta (Zita)


A child born and registered in Poland is usually given one or two given names and it is illegal to officially use more than two given names. Parents normally choose a name or names for their child from a long list of traditional names recorded at town hall registry offices. These names may be:

  • a Christian name, i.e., a Biblical name or a saint's name, or

  • a Slavic name of pre-Christian origin.


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