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cracow    cracow krakow

krakow Krakau

A selection of images of Cracow dating from the 1950s through to the present-day.

The two places that spring to mind in most people's minds when they think of Poland are Warsaw and Cracow. And Cracow, Poland's forth largest city, is now firmly established as the tourist centre of Poland. During spring and summer Cracow throngs with tourists from all over the world. For this reason Cracow might not be a place everyone would put at the top of their list of places to visit! Nonetheless, Cracow is without a doubt a great city to visit and any visitor to Poland should try and include three or four days in this great city.

Cracow is said by many to be the most beautiful city in Poland, and is thought of as the centre of Polish art and culture. It is often referred to as the 'Florence of the North'. The old part of Cracow is included on the list of UNESCO’s world cultural treasures.
The old market centre of Cracow is where visitors can discover the city’s history in its medieval palaces, town houses, cafes, restaurants and shops.
As Cracow was part of Austria up to the end of the first world war, you will find many Coffee Houses among some of the best Polish restaurants. Cracow is one of the few large towns in Central Europe to survive the Second World War relatively unscathed.

Krakow poland

English name: Cracow - Polish name: Krakow - German Name: Krakau

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I come from Krakow, it is a wonderful place showing you true Polish culture. I reccomend anyone to visit it as it is a remarkable city. all my Polish love. Roxy-Annelily Dankainski Litheninski

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