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Cycling in Poland

Cycle path Poland

A signpost marking the route of one of the many thousands of cycle paths in Poland. This cycle path goes through a forest near Lubniewice in Lubuskie, Poland. Related link: E11 International Cycle Route (R1)


Some Polish cycling facts, information, tips and advice:

  • The word for bicycle in Polish is rover. This is because the first bikes imported into Poland were made in Poland by the Rover company.

  • Cycling permits / licences are no longer required for adult cyclists in Poland.

  • Avoid cycling on major roads whenever possible.

  • Bicycle theft is unfortunately commonplace in Poland. make sure you use a high quality u-lock at all times.

  • Drinking and cycling is illegal in Poland! A one year prison sentence can be imposed on anyone caught drinking alcohol and cycling.

  • Bikes are allowed on most trains in Poland, although, tickets for your bicycle must be bought.

  • According to Polish law, all bicyles must be fitted with front and rear lights. In reality, few bicycles have any lighting at all.

If well prepared, cycling is one of the best ways of seeing Poland and especially the Polish countryside; and there are a number of organisations and companies promoting the cause of cyclists or who arrange cycling holidays and hire in Poland.

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