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czarnków Czarnikau

Shops in the center of Czarnkow / Czarnikau, c.1914.

The chemists in Czarnkow

A small drogeria (chemists) shop in the town of Czarnkow in the north west of Poland. This kind of shop doesn't dispense prescriptions and sells things like photographic film, shampoo, hair dye and toothpaste. Poland still has many such corner shops and only in fairly recent years have large hypermarkets like Tesco appeared.

Czarnków Czarnikau pl

A panorama of the small town of Czarnkow in western Poland, c.1917.


Polish name: Czarnkow

German Name: Czarnikau

Province Wielkopolskie (Greater Poland / Posen province)

Nearest Cities: Gorzow Wlkp; Poznan

Nearby Villages and Towns: Dobiegniew; Drawsko; Drezdenko; Krzyz; Lubasz; Miedzychod; Sierakow; Wielen; Wronki

Local Attractions: Notecka forest

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