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dobiegniew woldenberg

A very early lithographic postcard of Woldenberg / Dobiegniew, c.1899.

dobiegniew poland

A photograph of the Church of St. Joseph and ul. Sciegiennego in Dobiegniew, c.1970.

dobiegniew pl

Another exterior view of the church in Dobiegniew, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1970

Dobiegniew, Poland

A photograph of the interior of the church in Dobiegniew, Poland.

Dobiegniew is a small town in the western province of Lubuskie in present day Poland. Visitors to the town might be interested in taking a look at parts of the surviving town battlements from the 14th century, and a Gothic church from the 15th century. Those interested in the German history of the area can visit what remains of the Second World War Woldenburg 'Offlag' Prisoner of War Camp and small Woldenburg POW museum. More about Woldenburg.

Dobieginew has a number of interesting lakes, which are great for fishing, canoeing or water sports; and the splendid Drawa National Park.

Polish name: Dobiegniew

German Name: Woldenburg

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzow Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Bierzwnik: Buszów; Choszczno; Dankow; Drezdenko; Krzyz Wlkp; Mierzęcin; Pelczyce; Santok; Stare Bielice; Stare Kurowo; Strzelce Krajenskie; Zwierzyn

Local Attractions: Drawa National Park; lake; horse riding; forests, unspoilt countryside

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