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Education and Study in Poland

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University Study in Poland

The education system in Poland has in recent years undergone some changes to try to bring it up to generally accepted European standards. At the present time children start their first real schooling at Primary School at the ages of seven and leave at around 13. At the end of which pupils move on to a variety of different secondary schools. At around the age of 19 the majority of pupils take a final examination called Matura. Anyone interested in continuing their studies at either college, polytechnic or university level must take and pass a Matura exam in order to gain a Swiadectwo Dojrzalosci (Matura Certificate), which allows admission to higher education institutions.

Students who decide to continue their education can then do so at one of more than 100 institutions of higher education in Poland. These include universities, technical universities, higher schools of engineering, agricultural academies, academies of economics, and numerous other higher vocational colleges and teacher training colleges. There are two main academic qualifications: the Licencjat (Licentiate degree) after three years; and the Tytul Magistra (Magister degree) after a further two years study. After completing a magister degree students can then study for a Podyplomowe (postgraduate degree). These postgraduate courses usually take two or three semesters to complete

There are also several professional degrees: The Tytul Magistra Inzyniera (Title of Magister in Engineering) which is awarded after 5 years of study. The Tytul Lekarza (Title of Physician) which takes a total of 6 years to complete; the Tytul Lekarza Stomatologa (Title of Dental Physician) and the Tytul Lekarza Weterynarii (Title of Veterinary Physician) which usually take 5 years to complete.

The quality, level and scope of higher education in Poland varies enormously. Most degree level courses are in line with the level in other European countries; but, unfortunately, there are a number of institutions and individual diploma programs which expect little of their students and provide little more than a paper qualification at the end of three or five years. Due to a number of factors some universities outside of Poland consider five years (Magister) study in Poland to be the equivalent of three years (BA 'Honours' level) study in countries like the USA, UK and Australia. The following selection of links to colleges and universities are ranked according to their respective status and perceived worth: 

High level Internationally Renowned Universities: 

  •  Jagellonian University of Krakow (Poland). Website
  •  Warsaw University in Warsaw (Poland). Website
  •  Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznan (Poland). Website

The Best Technical and Engineering University in Poland:

  • Warsaw University of Technology in Warsaw (Poland). Website

The Top Medical Universities in Poland:

  • Warsaw Medical Academy in Warsaw (Poland). Website
  • Medical University in Lodz (Poland). Website

Some other Universities with Good Reputations within Poland:

  • The University of Wroclaw in Wroclaw (Poland). Website
  • Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun (Poland). Website
  • University of Szczecin in Szczecin (Poland). Website
  • Zielona Gora University in Zielona Gora (Poland). Website

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