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Germans Expelled from former German Territories in Poland.

A visit to Gorzow (Landsberg Warthe) by an Association of German Expellees in 2005

 Members of BAG Landsberg on a visit to Gorzow in 2005

Former German inhabitants of the city of Landsberg Warthe on a visit to a former German cemetery on the 30th January 2005. This visit to the now Polish city of Gorzow Wielkopolski coincided with the sixtieth anniversary of the date most of the German populace were forced to leave the city because of the advancing Red Army.

In Gorzow the 30th of January is known as 'Wyzwolenie Gorzowa' (Liberation of Gorzow) and in Poland as a whole as 'Powrot Ziem Zachodnich do Macierzy' (The return of the western land to Poland). The day is marked in towns and cities all over Poland by flag flying and by visits to Russian war cemeteries by veterans and their families.

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