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the Saint Florian shrine in Kawczyn

The roadside shrine commemorating St. Florian in the village of Kawczyn, near Drezdenko in Poland. Saint Florian was an officer of the Roman army, and as a result of confessing to being a Christian, he was twice scourged, half flayed alive, set on fire, and finally thrown into a river with a stone around his neck. Saint Florian is regarded as a patron saint of Poland, Austria, and of firemen. Many miracles of healing are attributed to Florion and he is invoked as a powerful protector in danger from fire or water.

Saint Florian

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Polish name: Kawczyn

German Name: Neu Erbach

Province: Lubuskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Brzezina; Dobiegniew; Drawno; Drawsko; Drezdenko; Goscim; Kosin; Krzyz; Mysliborz; Pyrzyce; Recz; Stare Bielice; Strzelce; Stare Kurowo; Suchan; Zatom

Local Attractions: Drawa National Park; Notecka forest.

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