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a carving of Martin Luther in Klemzig (Klepsk) Church

A hand decorated carving of Martin Luther. This picture shows just one tiny part of the magnificent wooden former Lutheran Church in what was Klemzig, Prussia, Germany. Following the border changes in 1945, the village is now known as Klepsk, in the province of Lubuskie, Poland. This church is something not to be missed by anyone interested in Prussian history, the Lutheran religion or visiting Poland. A number of the population of Klemzig, under the leadership of Lutheran Pastor, August Ludwig Kavel left Klemzig in the 1830s and finally settled in South Australia. They were amongst the earliest German settlers in Australia. The place they settled in is now also known as Klemzig.

Polish name: Klepsk

German name: Klemzig

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearby Villages and Towns: Kepsko; Krosno; Legowo; Lubrza; Niekarzyn; Palck; Sulechow; Swiebodzin; Wolstzyn; Zbaszyn; Zielona Gora

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