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kostrzyn odra

Ulica Krotka in Kostrzyn nad Odra on the Polish / German border, c.1964.

kostrzyn nad odra

The 'Piast' store in Kostrzyn nad Odra, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1989.

Kostrzyn is a small town on the present day German / Polish border. Unfortunately, as most of Kostrzyn was in German times known as a fortress city most of the town was destroyed during the fierce fighting at the end of the second world war. The economy of the town is one centred on German visitors coming to the Kostrzyn for cheap cigarettes, petrol, food and the 'night-life'. The centre of Kostrzyn is today dominated by petrol stations and some of the ugliest looking shopping centres and supermarket constructions on this planet. Other 'attractions' include a large McDonalds; an open-air market selling everything from bootleg CDs to fake designer label clothing; and a number of nightclubs which are nothing more than thinly veiled brothels. Along the course of the river Odra (Oder), which now forms the border between Germany and Poland, there is a Swedish-owned paper mill, which provides work for several hundred residents of the town. Kostrzyn now hosts an equally huge annual music festival known as 'Woodstock' during the summer months. 

 the 'Woodstock' music festival in Kostrzyn Odra  a Polish railway locomotive in Kostrzyn!

Polish name: Kostrzyn nad Odrą

German Name: Custrin / Cuestrin / Kustrin (Brandenburg / Neumark)

Province: Lubuskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bogdaniec; Chwarszczany; Cychry; Dabroszyn; Debno; Krzeszyce; Lubno; Lemierzyce; Lubiszyn; Nowiny Wielkie; Sarbinowo; Slonsk; Mieszkowice; Osno Lubuskie; SwierkocinWitnica

Local Attractions: forests; numerous lakes; Slonsk Bird Reserve; Knights Templar Chapel

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