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one of the crystal clear lakes in Lagow with the castle in the background

Lagow is a village at the centre of the Lubuskie Lake District, in the west of Poland. It is a picturesque location popular with many tourists, not only from Poland and Germany, but from all over Europe. The town of Lagow is located next to two lakes, Trzesniowskie and Lagowskie, which are great for swimming, fishing and water sports. Lagow's proximity to the nearby E-30 road (one of the better roads in Poland!), and location half way between Poznan (Poland) and Berlin (Germany) make it ideally located for tourists wishing to see something of this beautiful part of Poland. 

Lagow has a number of historic buildings including:

- a well-preserved 15th century castle built by the Knights of St John (the Teutonic Knights Templars). The castle, is now converted into a luxury hotel and restaurant, and has a 35m high tower, a Gothic pillared hall and a knights' hall complete with a Baroque fireplace from 1740.

- 15th century defensive walls and two gates

- a conical tower from the 14th century on top of the nearby 'Sokola Gora' Hill.

Lagow itself makes a wonderful place for a vacation. Anyone with a liking for swimming, diving, fishing, boats, water sports, and fine food should try and pay it a visit. Lagow is home to a number of good restaurants and the excellent castle hotel. Lagow also stages the well-known Lubusz film festival, a Jazz and Blues music festival, and a motorcycle event every summer.

To see some photographs of historic Lagow.

Lagow Lake  lagow town gate  lake lagow

castel centre lagow  restaurant lagow  boats on lake

Polish name: Łagów

German name: Lagow

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest Cities: Gorzów Wlkp and Zielona Góra

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew; Boryszyn; Dlugoszyn; Glebokie; Keszyca Lesna; Lubniewice; Lubrza; Małuszów; Miedzyrzecz; Osno Lubuskie; Ostrow; Paradyz; Rogoziniec; Rokitno; Skwierzyna; Sulecin; Świebodzin; Szczaniec; Torzym, Trzemeszno

Local Attractions: annual film festival, Knights Templar castle, museum, historic buildings, lakes, fishing and canoeing, Miedzyrzecz fortifications and Nietoperek bat reserve

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