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Landsberg Warthe

Here are some old postcards from the former Prussian German town of Landsberg Warthe, now Gorzow Wielkopolski, Poland. The postcards range in date from 1898 to 1945. See also old photographs of the nearby villages of Zantoch (Santok) and Berlinchen (Barlinek).

landsberg warthe

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   More about Landsberg Warthe (offsite link)

Extensive online collection of historic postcards.

landsberg warthe gorzów

 Most of our private collection of Landsberg an der Warthe postcards and photographs, and all of the Landsberg Warthe postcards you can see here have been purchased from antiquarians in Germany. Our postcards are not for sale. We do, however, supply old maps and present day photographs of Landsberg Warthe (Gorzow Wlkp) and other areas in modern Poland. More about our old postcard and photograph collection

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