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Learn Polish in Poland

A Polish kitchen

This photograph shows a typical log fired kitchen stove still used in many Polish country homes. This one has two large pots of delicious Bigos on top of it, about to be reheated!

Polish is one of the western Slavonic languages, most closely related to Czech, Slovak and Sorbian. Polish is spoken by more than 45,000,000 speakers as their mother tongue. Polish has always used the Latin alphabet, and also includes the letters: , , , , , , , . Polish excludes the letters 'q', 'v' and 'x', except in words of a foreign origin.

If you are interested in the Polish language you may want to consider taking part in a Polish language course here in Poland. Some of these courses also include the chance to live in the home of a Polish teacher and their family and immerse oneself completely in Polish and the culture of Poland. Here is a link to one such course, in Lubuskie, which we can thoroughly recommend: Learn Polish in Poland






Polish homestay: Learn Polish and experience real life in Poland!

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