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The 17th century town hall and church of St. Adalbert (St. Wojciech) in Miedzyrzecz in western Poland, c.1975. The town is located in the picturesque Polish voivodeship (province) of Lubuskie or Woiwodschaft Lebus, in German. The church originally built as a Protestant church in 1834 houses a rather nice altar painting by Julius Hübner depicting Christ and the four evangelists. The cars parked outside are, the once popular, Fiat 125p model. These were built in Poland between 1967 and 1991 and affectionately nicknamed as the 'Duzy Fiat' (the big Fiat).

miedzyrzecz lebus

The same location on an old picture postcard posted in 1937. Miedzyrzecz was then called Meseritz and part of the German province of Brandenburg / Neumark. This changed after the Second World War when the borders of both Germany and Poland were redrawn following the decisions made by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin, the British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and the U.S. President Harry Truman at the Potsdam conference in July 1945.


Polish name: Międzyrzecz (approximate population 18,000)

German Name: Meseritz (Ostbrandenburg / Posen / Neumark)

Province (Voivodeship): Lubuskie (Alternative names: Lebus / Lubusz)

Nearby Large Cities: Berlin (90 minutes), Frankfurt Oder (60 minutes), Gorzow (30 minutes), Poznan (110 minutes), Szczecin (120 minutes), Zielona Gora (90 minutes)

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew; Bobowicko; Boryszyn; Bukowiec; Chycina, Glebokie; Gorunsko; Gorzyca, Kalawa; Kalsko; Keszyca; Keszyca Lesna; Kuligowo; Kursko; Lagow; Lipki Wielkie; Lutol Mokry; Lubniewice; Lubrza; Nietoperek; Nowa Wies; Nowe Gorzycko; Lubikowo; Obrzyce; Paradyz; Pieski; Policko; Pszczew; Rokitno; Skwierzyna; Sokola Dabrowa; Stary Dwór, Swiebodzin; Templewo; Trzciel; Wojciechowo; Wolstzyn; Wysoka; Wyszanowo; Zemsko; Zbaszyn; Zbaszynek; Zolwin

Local attractions and things to do: canoeing and kayaking on the Obra River; bird and wildlife watching; mushroom hunting in extensive forests; numerous lakes such as Glebokie and Lipie; annual river, music and dance festivals; mini zoo; roadside shrines; safari zoo; Notecka Forest; Slonsk Bird Reserve; Miedzyrzecz fortifications; the bat reserve in Nietoporek; 14th century brick-built castle


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