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the derelict palace in Legowo

A photograph of the sadly neglected, near derelict German Palace in Legowo, Lubuskie, in the west of Poland. The crest of the original family who built the palace can be seen at the top of the building. Inside the palace is now a shell. All floorboards and interior fittings having been robbed since the building fell empty. 

Polish Name: Łęgowo

German Name: Langheimensdorf / Lang Heinersdorf

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearby Villages and Towns: Kepsko; Kije; Klepsk; Krosno; Miedzyrzecz; Niekarzyn; Paradyz; Palck; Sulechow; Swiebodzin; Trzciel; Wolstzyn; Zielona Gora

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