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leszno wielkopolsa

Ulica Leszczynskich in Leszno, Wielkopolski, Poland, c.1960.


The entrance to a German era house, which was built to be divided up into seperate apartments in the town of Leszno, Wielkopolski, Poland. As is evident from this picture communal areas in older apartment blocks are not always given top priority when it comes to maintenance and cleaning!

Polish name: Leszno

German name: Lissa

Province : Wielkopolski

Nearest Cities: Zielona Gora; Poznan

Nearby Villages and Towns: Glogow; Gubin; Jasien; Krosno; Lubsko; Nowa Sol; Nowogrod Bobrzanski; Sulechow; Swidnica; Wolstzyn; Wschowa; Zagan; Zary

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