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Old Maps of former German Territories in Poland

More about old maps of former German areas of Poland

CD Maps of the German provinces of Brandenburg, Posen, Silesia, Pomerania and Prussia.

We have 1:100 000 scale maps of all of the areas of Poland, which were once part of Germany. These detailed maps were produced by German mapmakers in the early 20th century. The original maps are all long out of print and now very difficult to locate and highly collectable. Each of our maps consists of a high quality black and white electronic image of the original maps and are perfect for anyone interested in the history of Prussia, Germany or Poland; or for researchers looking into ancestry, family roots and genealogy. Use these pre second world war maps to locate things like farms, land, tracks, woodland, and of course the smallest hamlet or village. Using a program like Photo Paint it is possible to print off areas of the map on your own PC. Each digital map costs 10 (ten euros). Once payment has been made the map will be made available for download via the internet. Use the map below to order the map you require. ORDER NOW.

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