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Maps of Poland

More about maps of former German areas of Poland

Old Maps of Poland - Posen, Brandenburg, West Pomerania, and Silesia, Prussia

We have a large collection of old 1: 100 000 maps of all the old former German areas, now part of Poland. We can supply tif file versions of these historic black and white maps of Prussia (Germany) for internet download at low cost. These digital versions of what are rather rare vintage maps make ideal references for anyone researching their family tree. Using these electronic versions of long unavailable, detailed, early 20th century German maps it is possible to locate farms, mansions, ancestral land, along with the more obvious villages and towns. 

We have original maps of every village and town in the former German territories, now in Poland. The maps date from pre-1945. A high quality electronic version of the original 1:100 000 map costs 10 (ten euros). Online payment is through Paypal.

Dolnoslaskie (Upper Silesia - Frankenstein, Glogau, Neisse, Waldenburg etc.)

Kujawso Pomorskie (Bromberg, Graudenz, Hohensalza, Thorn etc.)

Lubuskie (Brandenburg - Landsberg Warthe, Schwerin, Grunberg, Sagan etc.)

Pomorskie (Danzig, Dirschau, Elbing, Marienburg, Stolp etc.) 

Wielkopolskie (Posen - Birnbaum, Gnesen, Posen, Schneidemuhl, Wollstein etc.)

Zachodniopomorskie (West Pomerania - Konigsberg, Soldin, Stargard, Stettin etc.)

Check the maps we have available

Another page showing the maps of Prussian Poland we have for sale.

These digital versions of pre-war German maps are scanned and put together from our own collection of antique maps. They are unavailable anywhere else!!! ORDER NOW.

1 / 100 000 Gollmutz

 This is a small section of one of our maps of a 1934 original map for part of former East Brandenburg (Ostbrandenburg / Lubuskie). This shows the sort of detail these maps show: houses, woods, ponds, streets, lanes, tracks and more.  If you would like to download a JPG version of the full map of the map for the Birnbaum area, click the following link. Beware it is a big file and will take some time! The TIF files are even bigger. Download a FREE full-sized version of a 1:100 000 Map of Birnbaum and surrounding villages and towns.

A limited number of 1 : 25 000 scanned maps are also available. These more detailed maps are currently only available for the towns and areas around: Birnbaum; Bledzew; Friedeberg; Landsberg Warthe; Meseritz; Schwerin Warthe; Soldin; Zielenzig




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