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Open-air Markets, Poland

 a stallholder who makes his money by selling assorted communist period badges and stamps and fake Nazi 'collectables' to German tourists

A stallholder on the outdoor market in the city of Gorzow selling supposed Communist and Nazi era 'antiques and collectables' at inflated prices to mostly German visitors. Shoppers shouldn't be taken in by claims that things like Third Reich medals and stamps are 'original' as 99% of them are fake. Other counterfeit articles to be had at many Polish markets include 'designer label' clothing and bootleg cds and dvds. 

Towns and cities all over Poland have their own open-air markets with a large number of stalls selling everything from high quality organic vegetables to fishing equipment and counterfeit designer labels. Provided that shoppers exercise some care with their personal possessions and choice of goods these markets offer a unique atmosphere and the chance to acquire some real bargains. 

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