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mirosławiec  poland

A Soviet Red Army tank on a plinth in Miroslawiec, Poland, c.1975.


The wacky 'Republique de Imagination' cafe in Miroslawiec in Western Pomerania (Pommern). The car in the foreground is the estate version of the East German built 601 Trabant. Although it is rapidly disappearing from Polish roads, the plastic-bodied Trabant was once the most popular car in former Socialist block countries. More about the Trabant!

Polish name: Mirosławiec

German Name: Markisch Friedland / Maerkisch-Friedland

Province : Zachodniopomorskie

Nearest Cities: Gorzow Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bronikowo; Choszczno; Czarnkow; Czlopa; Dobiegniew; Drawsko; Drawsko Pomorskie; Drezdenko; Kalisz Pomorski; Krzyz; Marcinkowice; Miedzychod; Przesieki; Recz; Sierakow; Swidwin; Tuczno; Walcz; Wielen

Local Attractions: Drawa National Park

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