Polish Cake!

polish cake

Just about to enjoy what I’m pretty sure will be an extremely tasty piece of Polish cake! Washed down with a cup of Lipton ‘Yellow Label’ black tea with a slice of lemon.

Vacation in Poland

polish lake poland

Poland is a truly fantastic place for a summer vacation!

lake poland

Here are three images of just one hotel and a lakeside beach in Lubuskie, western Poland. You can be relaxing beside this lake with a cool beer just one hour after arriving at an airport in Berlin.

beach lakes poland

A summer holiday near a lake in Poland offers so much – superb weather, a plethora of different accommodation options, great restaurants, super local food, attractive prices, canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, fishing, sailing, sunbathing, spa treatments, and so much more. Feel free to contact us with any questions on holidaying in Poland and for personal recommendations!

Kwas Chlebowy / Kvass

kwas chlebowy
Children sampling a glass of kwas chlebowy – a traditional soft drink in many Slavic countries. Generally speaking children today tend to prefer possibly less-healthy western drinks such as Pepsi Cola and Fanta!

Kwas Chlebowy (Kvass) is a traditional non-alcoholic Slavic and Baltic fermented drink usually made from rye bread. It has a sweet-sour smell and a taste of freshly baked bread. As well as being drunk in Poland it is also popular in Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Ukraine. Some claim that Kwas can improve digestion, as with other fermented foods such as yogurt and sauerkraut. And being derived from Rye is is a good source of vitamin B-1 and B-6, magnesium, phosphorus, and amino acids.

A typical Polish Dinner!

polish lunch dinner
A typical Polish dinner – Zurek soup followed by sausage, potatoes, and vegetables. Yum!

As promised – more blog / social media type posts. Here we have a photograph of what we had for dinner this afternoon! Come back soon to see more of everyday life here in Poland. And follow us on twitter for the latest news (in English) from Poland from across the internet.

Hot Dogs

hot dogs poland
Hot dogs from a gas station. Tasty and cheap fast food!

A hot dog stop at a Statoil filling station not far from the Polish / German border. Two zloties each and uncommonly tasty for fast food.

A Polish Kitchen

Polish kitchen
Our kitchen in Lubuskie, western Poland. Not tidied in any way for the photograph!!

Due to popular demand – the first of many upcoming bloggy social media type posts. A photograph of our kitchen. It is fairly typical, I think, for Poland.

Polish Beer

Polish beers
Two different Polish beers – Lubniewickie brewed locally in Witnica and Magnus by Browar Jagiello in Chelm-Podrowka. Beer, of course, is only drunk by those over the age of 18!

It can not be denied – beer is a very popular drink in Poland! Some of the most popular brands include; Lech, Żywiec, Tyskie and Warka; but there are also an increasing number of small scale micro breweries popping up all over Poland. In recent years cider has also begun to become a drink loved by many Poles.

Dried Fruit and Mushrooms

dried fruit dried mushrooms
Jars of home dried fruit and vegetables on a shelf in our kitchen.

A snap of some dried fruit and mushrooms we store in our kitchen. Many Polish families will dry excess fruit and mushrooms for use throughout the year. The fruit is generally from the garden or allotment and the mushrooms found growing wild in the forests. Favourite wild mushrooms include: Chanterelles (Kurkami, Pieprznik), Bay Bolete (Podgrzybek) and Porcini (Borowik).

News, Views and Images of Poland

This part of the Poland Poland is currently undergoing a revamp using the WordPress system rather than the html coding we have used since first starting the website way back in 2004. Please come back soon to see the progress we are making. It will be a blog-like in appearance and feature selected news from Poland; images of Poland, past and present; and bits and pieces on everyday life in Poland.

In the meantime do please check out our main Poland Poland site. There are several thousand pages to explore!

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