Images of Lwów

Lwów poland lwiw
The main railway station in Lwów in 1917.

A small sample of the images we have of Lwów in what was through most of its history inhabited in the large part by Poles. All are scans of picture postcards published when this part of historic Galicia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Lwów lemburg lemberg
An old picture postcard of Lwów in 1917.

Until the end of the Second World War Lwow was always a multi-ethnic city with many different nationalities living together quite happily. These included in addition to the dominant numbers of Poles, smaller numbers of Jews, Ukrainians, Armenians, Germans, Czechs, Russians and others.

Lwow lwiw
Lwow in 1917.

However, as a result of decisions made at the Yalta Conference in February 1945 and the post-war resettlement of population and changes in national borders this brought about, Lwow became part of the Soviet Union and since 1991 has been part of Ukraine.

Other names and spellings for Lwow have included: Lviv, Lwiw, Lvov; Lemberg.

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