Poznań in the 1970s

Poznan, 1970.
Cars and minibuses driving past the university on ulica Wieniawskiego Henryka in Poznan.

A small selection of images from our archive of Poznań in the 1970s.

1970 poznan
A photograph of Adam Mickiewicz University and Collegium Minus in Poznan, Poland, 1970.
1971 poznan Poznań
An elevated view of Poznań, Poland, in 1971.
poznan Poznań poland 1970
A tram and Fiat 135 on ulica Garbary in Poznań, in 1970.
1971 poznan poland
A night photograph of plac Wolnosci in Poznan, Poland, 1970.

More digital scans of Old Poznan from our personal collection.