Szczecin in the 1970s

szczecin 1971 pl
A view across the River Odra (Oder) to the Cathedral in Szczecin in 1970.

A selection of newly scanned images of the city of Szczecin (Stettin) in Poland as it looked in the 1970s.

1970 szczecin pl
Nightime on al. Wojska Polskiego in Szczecin, Poland, in early 1970.
1970 szczecin
The Kino Kosmos on al. Wojska Polskiego in Szczecin in around 1970.
1971 szczecin
Socialist apartment blocks on pl. Grunwaldzki in Szczecin, Poland, c.1970.
1971 szczecin stettin
Trams and cars on Aleja Wojska Polskiego in Szczecin, Poland in 1971.

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