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River Odra

river oder odra

A boat on the River Odra (Oder) near Krosno (Crossen), c.1911.

River Odra, Polen

A photo of an angler fishing on the River Odra (Oder) at Cigacice (Tschicherzig) in Lubuskie, Poland.

The River Odra marks the modern border between Germany and Poland. The Odra links the Baltic Sea ports of Szczecin and Swinoujscie to major cities in the south of Poland such as Wroclaw and Opole. See also: River Warta.

Polish name: Odra

German name: Oder River

Province : Lubuskie 

Villages and Towns on or near the River Odra: Bytom Odrzanski; Cedynia; Cigacice; Glogow; Kostrzyn; Krosno; Nowa Sol; Slubice; Sulechow; Szczecin; Zielona Gora; Wroclaw

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