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Osno Lubuskie

osno lubuskie

Ulica Kopernika in Osno Lubuskie, Lubuskie, Poland, c.1964.

 Osno Lubuskie, Lebus, Polen

The town hall in Osno Lubuskie, with the main church in the background.


Polish name: Ośno Lubuskie

German Name: Drossen

Province: Lubuskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bogdaniec; Drogomin; Kostrzyn; Krzeszyce; Kunowice; Lemierzyce; Lubien; Lubniewice; Rzepin; Slonsk; Smogory; Sulecin; Torzym; Witnica

Local Attractions: cobbled streets, impressive church, city walls, forests, numerous lakes, Slonsk Bird Reserve.

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