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Places of Interest in Poland

Here are links to information about some of the myriad places worth seeing in Poland. Some of the locations are well known tourist attractions, while others are less visited, but no less interesting. Contact us to request no-nonsense, hype-free, information on locations in Poland or to let us know about a must-see location in Poland we've missed.

  • Auschwitz - the concentration camp

  • Biskupin - iron age reconstruction, museum and archaeological site.

  • Buried Amber Treasure - one possible location for the long-lost and almost mythical amber room lost at the end of the Second World War

  • Drawa National Park - an unspoilt and little known national park. A must for kayak and wildlife enthusiasts alike

  • Haunted Graveyard - a deserted and mysterious cemetery hidden deep in a Polish forest. 

  • Jewish cemetery - a virtually unknown and overgrown Jewish burial ground

  • Lubuskie Lakes - an area of clear lakes and forests full of wildlife

  • Majdanek - the infamous Nazi concentration camp, near Lublin.

  • Mini Roadside Zoo - a roadside curiosity where one can have a look at goats, geese, ponies and so on, and also buy some great Polish fast food

  • Nietoperek Bat Reserve - an undergound sanctuary for some of Europe's rarest bats

  • Notecka Primeval forest - a tourist free area where one can still escape the 21st century

  • Obra River - a little known river with its own river creature legend. The Polish Loch Ness Monster!

  • Paradise Cistercian Abbey - a baroque gem hidden away in a tiny village in the west of Poland

  • Roadside Shrines - information about the fascinating shrines which can be found in and around many Polish villages

  • Slonsk Bird Reserve - perhaps the finest place in Europe to see birds. A birdwatchers paradise

  • Steam Trains in Poland - the last mainline steam locomotive shed with daily passenger and freight services 

  • Underground Bunkers - a vast network of deep underground bunkers and fortifications, built on Hiltler's orders in the 1930s.

  • Wieliczka - the famous salt mines.

  • Zakopane - probably the most popular tourist location in Poland after Cracow.


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