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Plonsko, western Pomerania, Poland

The long derelict and neglected village church in Plonsko, Western Pomerania, Poland. Nearby can be found several prehistoric burial tombs, possibly dating back to the Bronze Age.

Polish name: Płońsko

German name: Plönzig / Ploenzig

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Province: Zachodniopomorskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek, Bogdaniec; Brzezina; Choszczno; Debno; Dolice; Karsko; Klodawa; Laskowo; Lipiany; Mysliborz; Pelczyce; Plotno; Przelewice; Przywodzie; Pyrzyce, Stargard; Witnica; Zukow

Local Attractions: Dendrological Garden Park; Drawa National Park; forests, Lake Plon, Prehistoric megaliths and chambered tombs, Slonsk Bird Reserve.

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