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Poland Quiz

Here is a fairly easy general knowledge quiz about Polish and Poland. Test your knowledge of Poland by answering the ten questions below.

Click on the answer button to see the correct answer. You can compare your answers to the answers given by other people taking the same test here. Another test about poland can be found here: Test your knowledge of Poland.

Contact us if you have any similar multiple choice questions about either the Polish language or Poland and we will be happy to add them to future online tests. 


  1. Who is the President of Poland? (2005)
    a. Lech Walesa
    b. Aleksander Kwasniewski
    c. Lech Kaczynski

  2. The population of Poland is around
    a. 38 million
    b. 42 million
    c. 48 million

  3. What does "Smacznego" mean in Polish?
    a. Hello
    b. Goodbye
    c. Enjoy your meal

  4. Which of these rivers form part of Poland's western border?
    a. Odra (Oder)
    b. Wisla (Weichsel)
    c. Warta (Warthe)

  5. Who was Karol Jozef Wojtyla?
    a. a sportsman
    b. a pope
    c. a politician

  6. Flicking your fingers against your neck in Poland means what?
    a. It is a way of showing you fancy someone of the opposite sex
    b. It is a way of telling someone they are stupid
    c. It is a way of asking someone to have a drink with you.

  7. What colours does the Polish flag include?
    a. orange and white
    b. red, white and blue
    c. red and white

  8. Poland shares a border with Germany, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and ...
    a. Lithuania
    b. Latvia
    c. Finland

  9. Which of these Polish cities is largest?
    a. Wroc³aw
    b. Poznań
    c. Lodz

  10. Which city was once the capital of Poland?
    a. Gniezno
    b. Gdansk
    c. Torun


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