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Policko Politzig

A pre-war photograph of the manor house in Policko / Politzig, c.1933.

Policko, miedzyrzecz, Lubusz, Polen

The small chapel-like church in the village of Policko, near Miedzyrzecz, Lubuskie, Western Poland.

Polish name: Policko

Former German name: Politzig Neumark

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzow Wlkp.

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bledzew; Bobowicko; Bukowiec; Gorunsko; Kalawa; Keszyca Lesna; Kalsko; Kuligowo; Lagow; Lubniewice; Lubrza, Miedzyrzecz; Nietoperek; Obrzyce; PieskiRokitno; Skwierzyna; Wyszanowo; Zolwin

Local Attractions: excellent fishing, diving, swimming, boating, bird watching, forests, wild mushrooms, Miedzyrzecz fortifications, Nietoperek bat reserve; Obra River

Closest Airports: Berlin; Poznan; Zielona Gora-Babimost

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