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Polish is the official language of Poland and is spoken by almost all of the 38 million inhabitants of the country. Because of large-scale emigration from Poland in various periods, millions of Polish-speakers may be found in countries like the United Kingdom, United States; Ireland, Australia, Israel, Canada, etc. The estimated number of Poles who live beyond the borders of Poland is 10 million. It may be much higher. However, it is not clear exactly how many of them can actually speak Polish. The number of native speakers of Polish worldwide is in our view likely to be around 45 million. After the  Russian language, Polish has the second largest number of speakers among Slavic languages.

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jeden - one dwa - two
trzy - three cztery - four
pięć - five sześć - six
siedem - seven osiem - eight
dziewięć - nine dziesięć - ten
jedenaście - eleven dwanaście - twelve
trzynaście - thirteen czternaście - fourteen
piętnaście - fifteen szesnaście - sixteen
siedemnaście - seventeen osiemnaście - eighteen
dziewiętnaście - nineteen dwadzieścia - twenty
trzydzieści - thirty czterdzieści - forty
pięćdziesiąt - fifty sześćdziesiąt - sixty
siedemdziesiąt - seventy osiemdziesiąt - eighty
dziewięćdziesiąt - ninety sto - one hundred
pięćset - five hundred tysiąc - one thousand
milion - one million miliard - one billion

Useful Everyday Polish phrases

Polska Poland
Polak (male)/ Polka (female) Pole (Polish person)
polski Polish
Cześć Hi/Hello
Dzień dobry Good Morning / Afternoon
Dobry wieczór Good Evening
Do widzenia See you later / Goodbye
Dziękuję Thank you
Na razie                      See you later
Dobranoc Good night
Dobra robota! Good work/job!
Nieźle! Nice (not too bad)
Co jest? What's up?
Bardzo mi miło Pleased to meet you
Ile to kosztuje? What is the price?
Na Zdrowie! To Your Health! / Cheers!
Nie rozumiem I don't understand

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