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Polish Ancestry

Discover Your Polish Roots

Polish and German Genealogy and Ancestry

We offer a number of services related to the Polish language and help for those interested in researching their Polish ancestry or visiting the former German territories now part of Poland. Our main areas of activity include:

Genealogy Research: Documents, records and people search in the west of Poland

Historical research: German / Polish place name changes, a speciality.

Translation: the translation of Polish, English, German historical documents.

Travel: Guided tours, interpreting, and driving

Photography: Digital still and handycam photography of places in Poland.


Genealogy Research: find and research documents, records and people!

We can locate, travel to and research records held in records offices, archives, churches and other information centers to help with your Polish or German genealogy research. We also offer a people finding service to locate long lost family and distant relatives still living in Poland. Plase note: We only conduct genealogy research in the records offices for the Polish province of Lubuskie (the former Prussian / German provinces of Brandenburg, Posen, and parts of Silesia).


Historical Research: locate the place in which your ancestors originated

The names and spellings of hundreds of villages and towns have changed greatly over time. We can help locate your ancestral village and town in modern Poland. Prices start at just $ 10.


Translation: translation of Polish and German into and from English

We offer a complete translation and interpreting service for the Polish, German and English languages. Our staff includes native speakers of both English, German and Polish for the perfect translation. Our prices are very reasonable and our service unbeatable!


Travel: visit your families ancestral village, town or city.

We can help in identifying and finding the places your Polish or German ancestors lived in the past. We can pick you up by car from either Berlin or Poznan airport, or anywhere which suits you, and take you to wherever you would like in the west of Poland. Our guides are excellent speakers of English, and well informed about the towns and villages of western Poland and local places of interest. So as well as visiting the place in whch your family once lived, we will let you know about the history and present day of the region. You will have the opportunity to take photos of local historical monuments, visit the old church or cemetery, and sometimes even have a look at the actual house in which your forefathers once lived. It might even be possible to locate any distant relatives that remained in Poland. The whole trip will be worry free, as we will arrange the whole visit and act as your personal driver, guide and interpreter during the trip. 


Photography:  we can take photographs or film your ancestral location.

If you can't visit Poland yourself we can travel to your families home town or village, take photographs and film the place for you. You can then 'visit' Poland from the comfort of your own home, perhaps many thousands of miles away! Prices from only $ 50 for a CD full of unique pictures of your ancestral village or town. Poland is a large country, so the price paid depends on the travel involved!


We are based in the part of Poland, which prior to 1945 was part of Prussia, Germany; and therefore are able to help people with either German or Polish ancestry. We will travel to any of the villages, towns, and cities in the west of Poland in order to help with the research into your family roots. Some of the towns and cities in our part of Poland include: Chojna, Choszczno, Debno, Gubin, Glogow; Stargard, Pyrzyce, Szczcecin, Mysliborz, Kostrzyn, Gorzow, Miedzychod, Miedzyrzecz, Poznan, Skwierzyna, Sulecin, Lubsko, Swiebodzin, Sulechow, Krosno, Wschowa, and Zielona Gora. Further afield but within fairly easy reach of our base in Gorzow Wielkopolski are the cities of: Gdansk, Jelenia Gora, Wroclaw, Legnica

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