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The Polish Lakes

Lubuskie Lakes, Poland

Boating in the Lubuskie lakes of Poland

Poland is a country of lakes and forests. Forest covers almost one third of the country and there are around 10,000 Polish lakes in Poland. Most of the lakes are concentrated in two areas: Mazury, in the north-east corner of the country, close to the Lithuanian border; and in Lubuskie, in the far west of Poland, close to the German border. This page focuses on the second of those, the less well-known, but equally beautiful, Lubuskie (Lubusz) Lake District.

The Lubuskie (Lubusz - from the original German name 'Lebus') Lakeland consists of several hundred lakes located in the central and northern parts of Lubuskie is one of the major tourist attractions of the region. The most popular with tourists being at Dlugie near Miedzyrzecz, Dobiegniew, Glebokie, Lubniewice, Lubrza, Lagow, Pszczew, and Wilkowo. 

Tourists from all over Europe visit the Lubuskie lakes not just for the wonderful scenery, but also to practice water sports, angling, and to spend their holidays on clean sandy beaches near crystal clear water. There are excellent conditions here for sailing, rowing, canoeing and kayaking; fishing conditions are ideal; and at the height of winter those who enjoy ice-boating and skating will find the lakes covered with long stretches of smooth ice.

Canoeing routes linking many of the lakes via rivers like the Warta, Obra and Paklica mean that those with a spirit of adventure can travel many, many kilometres in a canoe without leaving the water. The little rivers that link the lakes are winding and often run through pine, spruce and deciduous forests, giving the impression of passing through a series of mysterious, undiscovered and delightful green tunnels. Some specialist local tour companies offer guided canoe or boat trips with stopovers in unspoilt villages to pick mushrooms or berries, or sample some Polish cuisine on a typical Polish farm.

Some Polish tour operators also organise wildlife expeditions in the extensive forests and woods, offering photo-safaris for nature lovers, and bird watchers the chance to observe many species of birds in their natural habitat. Many rare animals and birds can be found here (wild boar, roe-deer, foxes, beavers, wolves, eagles, cormorants, swans, grey herons, corncrake, cranes, ruffs, double snipe, storks, and wood grouse). The most important areas from the viewpoint of the natural environment are protected in numerous nature reserves and national parks.

A holiday in the Lubusz Lakes can include any number of wonderful attractions: canoeing down the Obra river; boat trips through the Lubuskie lakes; pleasure cruises on Lake Zbaszynkie; excursions to the most interesting and attractive villages and towns of the region;  camp-fire roasts; visits to nature reserves and stud farms; guided excursions into the forests to pick mushrooms or berries or to observe wildlife; and the hire of rowing boats, pedal boats, sailing boats, and canoes. Indeed a holiday in the Lubuskie Lakes offers something for everyone!

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