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Railways in Poland

railways in Poland. diesel train crossing railroad bridge in the west of Poland

A diesel locomotive pulling a passenger train from Poznan across the viaduct just outside Gorzow railway station in the western province of Lubuskie, Poland. The river in the foreground is the River Warta complete with 'kry' (floating ice)!

The Polish railway system is something which every rail enthusiast should experience. PKP (Polskie Koleje Państwowe), the state rail company which operates the rail system in Poland are an enormous concern and employ almost a quarter of a million people and own a hundred thousand hectares of land. The system is in need of some modernisation and most of the rail network makes huge losses each year. On the plus side, fares are cheap and the services generally reliable. The former German area of Poland currently have the most extensive rail network, although many of these lines have been closed since 2005 as people have acquired cars or decide to use the bus instead. Steam railway enthusiasts should visit Wolsztyn, which has the last mainline steam locomotive depot in Europe. Visitors planning on visiting Poland should check out the Online Rail Timetable; our online old picture gallery of railways in Poland; and our page about Steam in Poland. If you can read Polish this webpage written by a railway enthusiast from Zbaszynek can also be recommended.

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