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Polish Workers in the UK and Ireland

Since Poland joined the European Union in May 2004 thousands of workers from Poland have travelled to England and Ireland to find work and make a new life for themselves outside of Poland. Unfortunately not all their stories are happy ones. Here are some links to current stories about problems Polish workers have experienced in the UK and Ireland.

If you are looking for manual workers then a Polish worker makes a good choice. Poles generally work hard, work to a professional standard; and often charge a little less than most! Look no further than here or advertise your job for free on the Polish and Poland Forum. The service hopes to match quality Polish workers with people anywhere looking for someone to do a job in return for fair pay. A listing on this page is 100% free!

If you have a vacancy or vacancies and might be interested in filling the position with a Polish worker we can help you in finding the right person for the job. Full service from advertising your vacancy in Polish newspapers, translation, and In-Poland interviews and English language assessment. Contact us for further details of our Recruitment Service.

Alternatively if you are you a Pole who is looking for work in London? Are you Polish and working in the UK or Ireland and need more work or a job. Then this is a free space for you to advertise your service. You might also be interested in this free guide for Polish workers looking for work in the UK.


I'm Polish and Looking for Work:

Decorating/Painting * Gardening * Labouring * Reliable, Honest, Fast Polish Worker - £7.50 per hour.

I have been working as a decorator, general handyman, gardener and labourer here in London for almost a year (10 months). I am trustworthy, efficient, and fast. I have many satisfied customers in London who would be happy to act as my referees if you need recommendations. If I can help you with a job - none is too small - please give me a call on 07915 250 361 or 07746 173 808 or send me an email on gluniu@yahoo.co.uk. Hope to hear from you! Waldek Piatek


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Situations Vacant / Jobs Available:

  • Reed Recruitment We have the jobs you are looking for at reed co uk - UK jobs, careers and recruitment. Website.

  • Science, Pharmaceutical and Food jobs in Ireland. The most complete Irish job list: Science, Pharmaceutical and Food jobs in Ireland. Website.


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