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Map of Pommern

Part of a map showing central Pommern (Pomerania) as it was in 1918. Following the border changes at the end of the Second World War most of Pomerania now belongs to Poland.

Pomerania is an historic region which takes its name from its proximity to the sea. The word for Pomerania in German being Pommern and in Polish Pomorze / Pomorskie. Both Slavs and Germans have played their part in the history of this part of north-eastern Europe. Archaeological research confirms that this part of Europe was from earliest times settled by Slavic, Germanic and Celtic tribes. However, from the 12th century onward with the influx of Germans from the west, Pomerania began to be dominated by Germans and by the eighteenth century had become a thoroughly German area. In 1815 Pomerania (Pommern) was incorporated into Prussia. At the end of the First World War parts of Pommern were incorporated into the newly created Poland, and the remainder was swallowed up at the end of the Second World War when the borders of Poland were shifted dramatically westward. The German population of Pommern was expelled and their place taken by Poles originating from the eastern part of Poland, which had been given to Ukraine and Belarus. In 1945 centuries of German history was wiped out and the area became part of Poland. Today most of the area once known as Pommern (Pomerania) is divided between the Polish provinces of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania) and Pomorskie (Pomerania). 

Here are some links to photographs and information about some of the villages, towns and cities in Pomerania. The former German names for each of these locations can be found beside each. Our site includes many other locations throughout historic Pomerania. To find these pages follow the links at the bottom of each page.

Banie - Bahn

Barlinek - Berlinchen

Cedynia - Zehden

Chojna - Konigsberg / Neumark

Choszczno - Arnswalde

Cedynia - Zehden

Czlopa - Schloppe

Debno - Neudamm


Drawsko Pomorskie - Dramburg

Dobiegniew - Woldenburg

Drawno - Neuwedell

Gdansk - Danzig

Gryfino - Greifenhagen

Kalisz Pomorski - Callies / Kallies

Karsko - Karzig

Koszalin - Köslin / Koslin

Lipiany - Lippehne / Lipphne

Mieszkowice - Bärwalde / Barwalde

Miroslawiec - Markisch Friedland / Maerkisch-Friedland

Moryn - Mohrin

Mysliborz - Soldin

Pelczyce - Bernstein

Przelewice - Prillwitz

Pyrzyce - Pyritz

Recz - Reetz

Slupsk - Stolp

Stargard - Stargard

Strzelce Krajenskie - Friedeberg

Swinoujscie - Swinemunde

Szczecin - Stettin

Szczecinek - Neustettin

Tuczno - Tütz / Tuetz

Trzcinsko Zdroj - Schonfliess

Walcz - Deutsch-Krone

Zatom - Zatten

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