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pyrzany neumark pyrehne

The protestant chapel in Pyrehne / Pyrzany, c.1910.

pyrzany pyrehne

An old picture postcard of the main street through Pyrehne / Pyrzany, c.1930.

Pyrzany horse and cart

A horse-drawn cart in the village of Pyrzany, on a bright and sunny July afternoon.

Polish Name: Pyrzany

German Name: Pyrehne (Neumark / Brandenburg)

Province: Lubuskie

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek, Bogdaniec, Debno, Kostrzyn, Krzeszyce, Lemierzyce, Mysliborz, Nowiny Wielki, Slonsk, Swierkocin, Witnica

Local Attractions: forests, numerous lakes, Slonsk Bird Reserve.

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