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Looking for an unbiased opinion on any subject related to Poland or Polish? You've come to the right place! Here you can receive free, individual, private answers to questions on Poland or Polish. Ask questions about Poland and/or the Polish language. Receive advice on where to visit and what to see in Poland. Get an answer to your Polish as a foreign language questions. Get an answer to a Poland related question. Personalised information and answers to virtually any question connected with either Poland or the Polish language.

Simply submit your question using the form below and one of our team of English speakers from Poland will email you back with the answer to your question as soon as they can. This is a completely free online resource for anyone interested in getting an answer to anything related to Poland. This is a completely free, confidential and private service.

Please note that everyone involved volunteers their own time without payment, so your answer may not be instant. Silly comments and questions are simply ignored and deleted!



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Due to constant problems with spammers and halfwits generally we've removed our forum and replaced it with this rather more personal service for those interested in the Polish language and Polish-English translation problems. This is a completely free information service for anyone with an interest in Poland or Polish. If you think of yourself as something of an expert on the Polish language and/or Poland and would like to help answer the questions submitted by our visitors do get in touch. We're always looking for reliable expert volunteers to help answer the many questions submitted most days!

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