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Railways in Poland

We have a large archive of unique negatives and original images of former German territories now part of Poland; and pre-1945 Poland. In this section of our website we have digitally scanned and put online a selection of railway-related old photographs and vintage picture postcards. These include over fifty images of German and Polish locomotives, trains, and railway stations. All of these images date from between
1899 and 1945 and are of locations in present-day Poland. Click on the buttons under
the first of the large images below to view all our current Polish railway gallery. New scans from our image archive and other material are added to this website on a fairly regular basis, so do bookmark our site and come back soon for another look at the railways of Poland as seen in old pictures!


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Download a full up-to-date official map of the entire Polish railway network (PDF).

Download part of a map of the rail network as it was in 2002 (Poznan, Zielona Gora, Torun, etc.).


Various digitized old picture postcards of railways and railroad stations in Poland.

German and Polish Place Names

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