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Reppen / Rzepin

reppen rzepin

A late 19th century lithographic picture postcard of Reppen / Rzepin.

reppen lubuskie rzepin

A picture postcard of the railway station in Reppen / Rzepin, c.1911.

reppen rzepin nm

Castle Street (Schlossstrasse) in Reppin / Rzepin, c.1923.


Polish Name: Rzepin

German Name: Reppen (Brandenburg / N.M / Neumark)

Province: Lubuskie / Lebus / Lubusz

Nearest City: Gorzow

Nearby Villages and Towns: Bogdaniec, Kostrzyn, Kunowice, Osno Lubuskie, Rzepin, Slonsk, Sulecin, Witnica

Local Attractions: Slonsk Bird Reserve.


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