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Polish and German Genealogy Research

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We offer a number of services for those interested in genealogy and family research in Poland. Here are just a few of the things we can do to help researchers interested in either Polish or German records or locations in present day Poland:

  • Find the Polish name for the smallest former German villages and towns
  • Search local archives for current whereabouts of distant relatives
  • Visit records in archives in Poland; examine and copy original documents
  • Translate Polish and German documents into English
  • Locate and make contact with living relatives in Poland
  • Visit your ancestors' home villages and towns to gather information
  • Visit churches and cemeteries to obtain information
  • Find old photographs, postcards and maps of people and places in Poland
  • Photograph any village or town in Poland
  • Provide private guided tours of Poland
  • Help arrange interesting accommodation in Poland
  • Collect you from a Berlin airport and drive you to your destination in Poland
  • Offer private transportation and your own English speaking driver.
  • Full interpreting service for the Polish and German languages anywhere in Poland
  • A complete language solution for English speakers visiting Poland!

Our prices start at just $ 10 for a simple search of telephone and registration records for one family name in a particular town or city in Poland. More information about us and how we can help with research into your Polish ancestry.

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