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River Warta

Information on the River Warta and images of the Warta in Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie in western Poland.

river warta poland

Boats moored on the River Warta in Gorzów Wielkopolski, c.1910.

river warta

A steamer on the Warta River in Santok (Zantoch), near Gorzów, c.1911.

river warthe warta posen

The port area of the River Warta (Warthe) in Poznan (Posen), c.1914.

river warta warthe

The bridge over the River Warta in Skwierzyna (Schwerin an der Warthe), c.1930.

warta river poznan

Boats in the port on the River Warta in Poznan in Wielkopolskie, Greater Poland, c.1939.

river warta odra oder

The point where the River Warta meets the River Odra (Oder) in Kostrzyn, c.1943.

railway bridge river warta

A PKP steam train passing over the Warta railway bridge in Wronki, c.1975.

The River Warta at a length of 808 kilometres is the second longest river, entirely within the borders of Poland. With only the Vistula River being longer.


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Polish name: Warta

German Name: Warthe

Towns and Cities that the River Warta flows through: Czestochowa; Gorzow; Kolo; Kostrzyn; Miedzychod; Oborniki; Poznan; Santok; Sierakow; Srem; Warta.

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