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Różanki Stolzenberg

A shop, the school, and the church in Rozanki / Stolzenberg Neumark, c.1939.

 Rozanki, Poland

The Church and Churchyard in Rozanki, near Gorzów Wlkp, Lubuskie, Poland. The large monument to the left is a German memorial to the dead of the 1914-1918 First World War.


Polish Name: Różanki

German Name: Stolzenberg, near Landsberg Warthe

Province : Lubuskie 

Nearest City: Gorzow Wlkp

Nearby Villages and Towns: Barlinek; Bierzwnik; Chwalecice; Czechow; Dankow; Drezdenko; Gorecko; Janczewo; Klodawa; Lipki Wielkie; Plomykowo; Rybakowo; Santocko; Santok; Stare Kurowo; Strzelce Kraj; Wawrow.

Local Attractions: Barlinecko - Gorzowski National Park; lakes; unspoilt countryside; roadside shrines

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